2024 Extra Faith Climate Action Week Postcards

2024 Extra Faith Climate Action Week Postcards

Purchase extra packets of Faith Climate Action Week postcards to gather signatures to vote with the climate in mind. Mail the signed postcards to Interfaith Power & Light (address on the postcard) and we'll hand deliver them to Congress this summer.

The message on the postcard:

"I pledge to care for Creation and protect my neighbors. I pledge to vote and to care for every living creature and every community suffering the impacts of our changing climate — from extreme heat, to wildfires, to devastating droughts, to flooding, to more frequent and supercharged storms. By pledging to be a consistent voter and to vote with climate justice in mind, I am communicating my faithful values of caring for our Sacred Earth for current and future generations and building a better world for all."

Each packet contains 50 postcards. $10 per packet.

      It takes 7-10 business days for your kit to arrive by priority mail.  Make sure to order them in advance to arrive in time for your events.  Due to Covid there have been delays with USPS. Thanks for your patience.


      $ 10.00