Virginia's Calling screening kit

Virginia's Calling screening kit

"Virginia's Calling" - A homeschooling mom’s picture-perfect life is shattered when her home floods.  Just as she hits rock-bottom, an unlikely spiritual guide appears. A warm, intimate portrait of a strong and determined woman of faith, VIRGINIA’S CALLING offers a sensitive look into the human effects of climate change on an evangelical family that never thought climate change would affect them. Virginia’s new purpose has far-reaching effects.

A documentary film by Barry Lyons and Linda Nieman. 30 minutes long.

Thanks to a partnership with Barry Lyons and Linda Nieman, Interfaith Power & Light is able to offer you this inspiring film! Barry and Linda are available to join your film discussions, contact 

DVD purchase includes free screening rights as long as you do not charge admission. 30 minutes long, perfect for adding discussion to your event!

Download screening kit which includes discussion questions here.

Ships starting June 1. Please allow approximately 10 business days for shipping. USPS Priority mail shipping.

$ 14.95