Faith Climate Action Week Supplies

2024 Faith Climate Action Week Kit

2024 Faith Climate Action Week Kit

This must-have kit accompanies Interfaith Power & Light's 2024 Faith Climate Action Week around Earth Day. It includes everything needed to run a successful climate activity with your faith community. The kit is "evergreen" and can be used any time.

This year's theme is Common Ground: Cultivating Connections Between Our Faith, Our Food, and the Climate. IPL invites congregations to examine how our food systems contribute to injustice and climate change and how our faith traditions call us to respond through practical solutions. There is also an opportunity to pledge to vote with the climate in mind with the enclosed postcards.

The value-packed kit includes an Action Guide with information on the faithful call to care for the environment.

In the kit, there are suggested short films, an updated climate change fact sheet, faith-based discussion materials, including a sheet of Faith Votes stickers, and suggestions and resources for how to engage in supporting local action.

Make it a focus of your Earth Day worship services and be part of the solution with the suggested actions in the organizer’s kit.

In the kit:

  • Organizer’s instructions
  • Common Ground Guide – learn how healthy soil can help solve the climate crisis and support food justice, plus suggestions for action for congregations and individuals
  • A link to an interfaith Garden Blessing Ceremony
  • Postcards to pledge to vote with the climate in mind, a pre-addressed envelope to mail to IPL, and stickers for those who pledge
  • Links to the nationwide Climate Prayer, with more online worship resources
  • Climate change fact sheet
  • Option to add a screening of “Common Ground,” an important film on how we grow our food can help solve the climate crisis
  • We also have seed kit to start your own garden for purchase separately

      It takes 7-10 business days for your kit to arrive by priority mail.  Make sure to order them in advance to arrive in time for your events.  There have been delays with USPS. Thanks for your patience.


      $ 26.00