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Pizza Garden Seed Collection

Pizza Garden Seed Collection
 Ever grown your own pizza sauce and pizza toppings? Well now is your chance!  The 9 Heirloom Varieties is everything a pizza lover needs to create their own original pizza.. Collections come in a craft Mylar re-sealable ziplock envelop, perfect for storing your seeds! Most of the seeds in this collection, with the exception of the tomatoes, can be directly planted into the ground at the start of the growing season. Planting instructions are included on the back of each packet. From Northern California’s The Living Seed Company, the organic seeds are vigorous, open-pollinated varieties that are highly productive, flavorful and nutritious. The plants are hardy, adaptable to most climates and are known for their high disease-resistance. Organic seeds are pesticide- and herbicide-free and non-genetically modified. Most varieties will store 4-10 years if kept cool and dry.

Organic Basil, Oregano, and Thyme • Organic California Wonder Sweet Pepper • Organic Parade Bunching Onions • Organic Spinach  • Organic San Marzano Tomatillo • Organic Yellow Pear Tomato  • Organic Cayenne Hot Pepper


Available to ship in January. Please allow approximately 10 days for shipping. 

$ 38.95